As expatriates, we are one family. We moved out of the comfort of our motherland and now struggling to survive with new cultures, new environments, new people and new climate. Our motive to move to another country may be different. We might have moved to another country for money, or career, or adventure, or for all of these things. Expatriates are on the same path in this journey.

We have left our beloveds, our land, our cultures, traditions and everything we have ever known, for the unknown.

We have moved to another country. In this new land, everything seems new. At first, for most of us we didn't know where to turn to, to whom we can approach..........perplexed at times we struggled to get the life move...... And yet, when we return home, everything will have changed.

We expatriates see things differently. We have a different perspective.‎ Our religions are different, our beliefs are different, our backgrounds are different, but as expatriates, we have some common aim, share common lifestyle, share common views, have common issues. This is what unites us in Expatism.

Expatism is a Mutual-help group of expatriates. Here we share our experiences, views, opinions, creativity etc in an attempt to help each other and our new members in our expatriate community. Register and be part of this growing community.

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